Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to Make a Signature for your Blog

Want to add a fun, personal touch to your blog posts (or emails)? 

Creating your own signature is easy, no fancy software or know-how needed!  Follow these simple steps, then click over to the tutorial on installing your signature into Blogger.  Have fun!

1.  Right click and save this blank rectangle (below) to your computer.  It might be a little hard to find since it's white, so make sure you name it something you will recognize! 

Right click above this text- this your blank rectangle that you will need to save!

2.  Go to and click "edit a photo"

3. Open the blank rectangle you just downloaded.  On the right hand menu of picmonkey click the "P" icon.  This is the menu for adding text 

4. As you can see, there are a lot of fonts to play with!  If you want to use a font with a little orange crown icon next to it, you will have to upgrade to a paid Picmonkey account (I love Picmonkey and highly encourage you to pay the $4.99/ a month for access to all its great features!)

I decided to use my first and middle name for this, because a four letter name isn't much fun for playing around with fonts :)

As you can see, when you add text, a little toolbox pops up with it.  You can use this to play with the colors, size, and formatting of  your name.

5.  Okay, I found a font I like.  But I still feel like my signature could use a little something.  Right under the "P" on the lefthand menu we clicked before is a little icon with three stamps.  Click on this and you will get a whole new menu of fun stamps to add to your name. 

I like this little leaf, so I'm going to add it right before my name.  Just like when you add text, when you add a stamp a toolbox pops up which allows you to resize, color, and format your stamp.
6. So now you should have your text and any embellishments you added just the way you like them.  Now you're just going to crop and resize your image to something a little smaller and more compact.  

Go to the first icon on the lefthand menu- this has all your basic editing tools such as the crop tool.  Crop tightly around your design.  

You are probably going to want to make your signature a little smaller too.
Under the same menu, choose the "resize" option on the bottom.  Make sure the "keep proportions" radio button is checked.  I made mine 250 x 87, but your size will depend on the shape of your signature.  I think somewhere in the 200-300 wide range is good.

See that little red circle in the right-hand corner right there?  Make sure that is checked to 100%...that will be the exact size your signature will be, so you can see if you like it.

Voila!  You have a signature as unique and cool as you now!  All that's left is adding it to your blog.

This tutorial provides really simple, easy-to-follow directions for the code for adding your signature.  I'm just going to link you to it, because they do a great job and I don't think I could add anything else!  It will automatically add your signature to ALL of your posts, even your old ones!


Rose said...

Thank you for this tutorial! I've been wanting to add a signature to my blog posts. Maybe this will get me going!

Tess said...

Thanks for stopping by Rose! I hope it helps!

Katie said...

Thanks! I wondered how people did that! great idea!

Tess said...

Thanks for stopping by, Katie!